OMKAR Home Nursing Services

about Us

OMKAR HOME NURSING SERVICES has a special purpose:

To help people have a safe home life with comfort, independence & dignity. OMKAR NURSING SERVICES provides Rehabilitative, Therapeutic and Assistive nursing services to children, adults & seniors in the comfort of their homes. We care for our clients 24x7.
                   Families coping with significant illness or disability need help and support while caring for a family member. Our goal at OMKAR NURSING SERVICES is to provide the highest quality home health care services available.

Our Fundamentals are:

• We believe our clients come first.
                   • We believe our employees are our greatest asset.
                   • We believe building relationships and working together are critical to our success as a community of compassionate caregivers.


Our clients and their families should feel cared and supported by our services.
• Work with a spirit of faith, hope and love.
                   • Provide exceptional care and kindness.
                   • Be respectful.
                   • Be Emphatic.


Our clients and their families can rely on us and are able to live their lives to the fullest, with lot of trust and respect.
• Provide 100% dedication in all parameters.
                   • Result oriented consistency.
                   • Be flexible and determined.
                   • Flawless communication with clients and fellow employees.